Sukkot: The End of Politics?

October 10, 2014 in Oct 2014

Sukkot Lulav

By Rabbi Marty Waldman

This week we are celebrating Sukkot.  Unlike any other Moadim (appointed times of the LORD) the Torah commands (Lev.23:39) a “celebration” of Sukkot (feast of Booths or Tabernacles).  We build temporary dwellings (sukkot) to live in during the weeklong celebration, although most people just eat in the sukkah and call it sufficient.


Why are we commanded to celebrate and live in a sukkah?  This remembrance celebration takes us back to the time when Israel spent 40 years in the desert.  There we lived in tents.   Living in a tent does not appeal to most Jews today but we remember the fact that G0D lived among us.  During those 40 years in the desert we ate manna from heaven, drank water from a miraculous rock that followed our forefathers while in the desert, our sandals and clothing remained intact.  All tailors and shoemakers went out of business!   We did complain a lot, but who wouldn’t in a desert – right?


So, on the one hand we celebrate G0D having been in the midst of Israel and sustaining His people for 40 years.  That’s worth a celebration!


But, on the other hand, the unfortunate political element that arose only brought Israel trouble.   People vying for power and leadership brought division and destruction in the desert.  For example, Korach elevated himself and formed “the people’s party” against Moshe’s leadership.  Death and destruction followed.


In a world full of politics that represent and promote divisions among us, I look forward to the future of Sukkot and a world that will be governed by a benevolent ruler in a kingdom that breeds life, healing and unity.  Future Sukkot prophesies the return of King Yeshua who has gone to prepare a place for us.  Under His reign, divisive politics will be eliminated to make room for the cultivation of a world that everyone will enjoy.  Every nation, with its own unique glory, will be welcome into the New Jerusalem.  (Zech.14; Rev.21)


Yes, Sukkot means the end of political posturing and vying for power.  Rulership will be soundly in the hands of the King of kings.  There will be no end to the increase of His government or of shalom, and He will establish true justice and righteousness that will last forever.  The zeal of the LORD will accomplish this! (Is.9:7)


What do you look forward to in Future Sukkot?